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Different Types Of Dental Fillings From a Dentist in New Lynn

Dentist in New LynnWhen you have tooth decay, the decay needs to be removed by the dentist. Once they have removed the decay, the dentist will need to place a filling where the decay used to be. Filling is used to restore decayed teeth back to their normal function and also prevent further decay. When the dentist decided to carry out filling procedure, there are a number of factors that they consider when choosing the filling material that best suits you. These factors include the place of filling, the extent of repair and also the cost. There are principally four types of filling available.

Amalgam fillings

It is the oldest type of filling around and you can easily distinguish if from other fillings due to its silver color. The filling is made up of a mixture of 35% silver, 50% mercury, copper, 15% tin, and zinc. Amalgam fillings are popular among the dentist due to their low cost as well as their strength and durability. The filling can last up to 10 years or longer. The disadvantage of this material is that they contract and expand and are more likely to cause your tooth to crack. As a result, it creates open space between the tooth and the filling which allows bacteria and food to become trapped thus enabling cavities to form. Also, the filling has slowly been losing out on other types of fillings mainly because of its mercury content as it covers the largest part, which people consider toxic. The metal may also darken over time. This choice may also bring the possibility of heat and cold sensitivity since amalgam is made out of metal.


It is the mostly used filling type, although it is fast becoming the top choice by many after the improvements that were made to its appearance and durability. They have a tooth-colored appearance that is matched to the shade of your original teeth. The dentist uses a bright blue light which hardens the soft material and places the composite fillings. Although composite fillings are not as durable as amalgam, they are becoming the most commonly used material in tooth filling. They are made of plastic or resin material which makes them more expensive than silver amalgam fillings and you need to replace them after every 5 years. What you might not like about composite filling is the fact that it is not a good choice when you need to repair larger cavities. Also, they take longer to be placed and are prone to stain from tea and coffee.


They are made of porcelain and are both durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. The ceramic filling does not involve attaching to your teeth like composite or amalgam fillings. The material used are actually made in the lab and shaped to fit the cavity perfectly. They have a natural look since they are made out of material that can easily look like your original tooth. The fillings are cemented into the cavity and are very long lasting since the material used, porcelain is very durable. The disadvantages of using ceramic fillings are that they are more brittle than composite and they need to be large enough to prevent it from breaking, so the tooth is reduced in size to make look for this bulky material. They are also expensive than composite or amalgam.


This filling option is considered by those who want a very durable filling to their teeth. The filling is usually crafted the same way as ceramic and chosen by those who want a tarnish and corrosion resistant and does not allow food, bacteria or saliva seep through the cavity. The main disadvantage is that they are 10 times more expensive and can conduct cold as well as heat the first few weeks. Also, requires multiple visits to the dentist.

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