North Shore plumber for leaking tap

Call A Plumber Immediately If You Need To Repair A Leaking Tap

In case you find a leaky or dripping tap in your kitchen or bathroom, do not treat it as a minor irritation. If you ignore a leaking tap it can create a lot of damage which is likely to be more than the amount for bringing in a North Shore plumber for a leaking tap.


What Is The Cause Of A Leaking Tap?

Leaking tap repair North ShoreThere are plenty of reasons which can cause a tap to start leaking. This can range from the washers being old, to lime and other deposits from the water supply. Unless you are an expert it is quite easy to diagnose the wrong cause of leaking taps. This can compound the problem so be sure to call in a North Shore plumber for a leaking tap.


Incorrect Installation Is A Common Problem

If the tap was incorrectly installed to start with, then you are going to get a leaking or dripping tap. A washer may have been installed on a skew which will create a gap for water to flow through and leak into your sink. This increases your water bill but it could also create higher repair bills too. If you hire a plumber, they will be able to properly install your tap or correct any improper installation.

Kiwi DIY Or What Is The Value Of Your Time?

Time is money as they say. Therefore, before you think about trying to use the good old Kiwi DIY spirit, think how long is it likely to take you to repair a leaking tap? There is the time to find the cause, finding the right components, and of course plumbing is nearly always messy and wet. Have you got time for all that?  And remember, if you try to repair a dripping tap, there is no guarantee of the quality of the work so you might have to hire a plumber to fix your tap anyway.


Will Your Attempt To Fix A Leaky Tap Make It Better Or Worse?

A well-meaning amateur might easily make the situation worse if they try to repair a leaking tap. For example, do you have the right tools? Do you actually know how to repair dripping taps? You might over-tighten the tap and damage your granite work top. And a potentially very costly error is that insurance companies are always looking for reasons to not pay out for damage. If there is water damage caused by a leaking tap and the work was not carried out by a qualified plumber, they could easily deny any insurance claim.


A North Shore Plumber To Fix A Leaking Tap Is Good Value For Money

There is a perception that plumbers are expensive. That is true for emergency or 24-hour plumbers but if you arrange for a plumber to visit before there is a problem, they can fit it into their schedule to do routine maintenance. This should prevent any emergencies like leaking taps. A small job like fixing a leaking tap is a smaller charge and if it is included with other maintenance or service work on the visit, you can get good value for money from a North Shore plumber for fixing a leaking tap.


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